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Wine tasting south africa

Donderdag 17 oktober organiseren wij een wijnproeverij met de prachtige wijnen
van het mooie Etste Groote Post uit zuid afrika!
The owner Nick Pentz komt persoonlijk zijn fantastische wijnen laten proeven enverteld kleurrijk over zijn vak en wijnen!

Geef je nu op via Jennifer@thespiritofwine.nl

Chateau Marquette
€ 35.- per persoon

The Groote Post Homestead was built in 1808 and, for a while, was Lord Charles Somersets only genuine “shooting box” and later was the home of well known author, Hildagonda Duckitt. The name is derived from its original status as the largest guarding post in the area, set up to protect cattle from marauding Hottentot stock thieves. Since buying Groote Post in 1972 they later added the adjoining farm, the historic Klawer Valley, and today the combined farms total 3 000 hectares.

In 1904 Peter Pentz’s grandfather founded the Union Dairy in Cape Town. Dairy herds were established over time in Tokai, Philippi and Darling (Groote Post). Peter received the prestigious South African Agricultural Writers National Farmer of the Year Award for 1998 for his excellence in dairy farming. In 2001 the Pentz family decided to sell off their prize Holsten herd to concentrate solely on the production of world-class wine.